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"Rising from the dust of our past through the victories in our future."


Resurrection Ministries International, Inc. is a Ministry that is “Birthed by Destiny” and “Driven by Purpose”.  We offer a dynamic, exciting, and jubilant approach geared toward outreach, evangelism, helps, music ministry, and the word ministry.  Our goal is to usher the people of God into His presence in a new and exciting experience like never before, to display God’s love, and spread our faith in God by testifying of His power, grace, and mercy.  We endeavor to operate in the Spirit of Excellence that will to glorify God and represent the Kingdom of God.



To Exalt our Savior

To Equip the Servants

To Edify the Body 

To Encourage the Saints

To Evangelize the Lost


"Making A Difference"


Our purpose is to bring the Body of Christ on one accord, to fulfill the call of the church so that the power of God can be manifested throughout the local body.  We believe God is calling many from traditionalism to become viable voices in reaching this world for Jesus Christ.  Knowing that God has instructed His people to be filled with His precious Holy Spirit as we are instructed in Ephesians 5:18.  We are acting upon His word and experiencing this new level that has called us to achieve.  The Resurrection Ministries strive to enhance Pastor’s and their members to reach their full potential and accomplish the purpose and destiny for which God has ordained.


CHRIST CENTERED:  We center our faith and worship on the fullest revelation of God in His Son, Jesus Christ, and acknowledge His headship over our church.

BIBLE BASED:  We receive the Holy bible as the divinely inspired word of God and ultimate authority for daily living.

SPIRIT FILLED:  We determine to be in submission to the driving guidance of the Holy Spirit; whereby, we are enabled to live in the strength, power and wisdom of the Holy Ghost.

CARING:  We are welcoming open and deeply relational community seeking to love one another as Christ loves us.

LOCAL CHURCH-FOCUSED:  We earnestly seek to fulfill the great commission, as it was given to the disciples, by providing services that are beyond the scope of the local congregation and support to the work of the local church.

MISSION-FOCUSED:  We will share the unchanging and uncompromising gospel in a culturally relevant manner, directing our resources toward teaching a hurting world for Christ.

LEADERS:  We are an organization of leaders committed to identifying, training, empowering, validating and releasing new generations of Christian leaders.

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The commission and purpose of this council of fellowship churches is to provide a covering to Ministers, Pastors and Church Ministries, in providing a spiritual support network for our leaders to assist in making life’s natural burdens lighter so that the preaching of the gospel can be more effective.


Our main purpose is “Kingdom Building”.  As Kingdom Builders we must preach and teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ as set forth in the Old and New Testament scriptures; to practice and promote the Christian Faith according to the Gospel of the New Testament Scriptures:  to convert persons to the Christian Faith and to make disciples of men, that the great commission may be fulfilled as according to Mark 16:15.



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Apostle Atkins 2.png

Apostle Maria L. Atkins, Chief Presiding Prelate  

In a time where there is so much moral decline in our nation, as God’s leaders, we need to equip men and women of God for ministry.  The longing that all may know Christ and the dire need in these last days for a sincere covenant fellowship of Ministers to win the lost to Christ is the very foundation of the Resurrection Ministries Int’l.  Our purpose is to bring together ministries from around the world of like faith, that together, we may build the kingdom of God and promote unity in the body of Christ.


As you look into our covenant fellowship, as a potential member, please be in prayer and be led by the Holy Spirit regarding your decision to become part of this great covenant fellowship.  We are here to stand in integrity as your co-laborers in the gospel.  If we can be of service to you or answer any questions regarding the covenant fellowship, please do not hesitate to call upon us.


Your Humble Servant,

Apostle Maria L. White




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